A Trip to Kubarah


The ancient city of Khobar in Saudi Arabia stands proudly amongst the world’s great ancient cities. Founded by the mighty Qasim (king) of Khobar, this city is renowned for its spectacular fort and forts which still stand today. The fort of Khobar housed the renowned warriors of Islam, and many a legendary warrior from this city has gone on to be leaders in their fields.


One of the most fascinating things to do while you are touring Khobar, is to go on a desert safari. A desert safari will let you see the true colors of the Arabian Desert. On your tour to Khobar you will have the option of visiting various sites of importance and historical importance. The Sheik Zayed mosque is a must visit site as it is a site with Islamic inscribed within its walls. This gives an insight into the true culture of Islam. Other important sites to see on your trip to Khobar include the Al Jamia Mosque, the tomb of bin Laden, and the National Museum.

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As you make your way to Khobar you will notice that it has a very unique feel and sounds. It is extremely hot in the city during the summer months, but otherwise is cool and comfortable. When traveling to Khobar you will have a variety of transportation options to choose from. You can take a bus to travel around town, or you can ride a camper to see the sights. Another good idea is to travel by car from Jeddah, and then take the desert safari Jeep tour to the Al-Hamid region of the city.


Once you reach Khobar you will be able to explore the desert by taking a camel ride. The drive will give you a view of the beauty of the city, and it will give you a true sense of the area. Riding along the camels through the desert and onto the desert will give you a truly magnificent view of the area. Once you reach the desert you will have many opportunities to see the animals of the area. If you like you can join the guided tours of the area to the animals that are resident and make friends with them.


When you make your way back to the Khobar compound you will be able to visit the site where bin Laden died. Many people visit this area on a yearly basis to pay their respects. There is also a museum here which showcases the world’s history of the Afghanistan war. You will also find some very well made clothes and jewelry in the area as well. A trip to Kubarah can really show you the true nature of the Middle East.


A trip to Kubarah will give you a unique experience. This is a place that not many people get to see on their travels, and there are few places that offer you such a view of the world. This makes a trip to Kubarah a must do for anyone interested in cultures and history. Also you may want to include a visit to al-Hamid in your itinerary, because it is an even better site to view during the hot summer months. Check out our website for more information on how you can travel to and stay in the beautiful desert town of Kubarah, or you could visit a part of it during your trip to Saudi Arabia.