Trip to Hisor – Trekking on Snowy Peak

A Trip to Hisor is the perfect way to experience a true cultural diversity of Tajikistan. Little more than a little town in the mid-20th century, Dushanbe rapidly grew to become a major urban centre and major cultural center of the new Soviet Union. Take a brief trip to Hisor by train, taking an overnight stop to the railway station in the old town of Rogashen. The town -which became the first Soviet urban centre after the Revolution of 1903 is divided into two parts, one western and one eastern.

Trip to Hisor

Hristoevo is the main center of Tajikistan’s tourism and the main international airport. A short drive east of Dushanbe, on the Pamir highway, is the small town of Hisor. It is an attractive tourist town, strategically located on the junction of two crucial Tajikistan highways, the route to China and the Pamir pass. Take a short stay in Dushanbe to explore the charm of this small but pretty town.

Tajikistan is an amazing country with an amazing history. For thousands of years, Tajikistan has been a strategic crossroads in the transboundary area of Central Asia, connecting the Asia beyond to the Middle East and Europe. Tajikistan shares its border with China, Iran, Kazakhstan and Afghanistan. For centuries, the country was ruled by powerful kingdoms, dukes of Islam and empires. The present day country is an integral member of the Eastern European Association, being one of the many countries in which the word “Tajik” is a corruption of the original Tatar name, which was Tschechyna.

The Pamir Mountains runs through central Asian countries and connects the Caspian Sea to the Pamir. The country of Tajikistan, also known as the Islamic republic of the USSR, has a very rich and interesting history, going back to at least the 7th century. A tour of Tajikistan will take you through fertile valleys, sunny alps, sandy beaches, fertile fields, beautiful gardens and historic ruins. Pamir is the ideal place for a Tajikistan Tour.

Hristoevaya is the capital city of Tajikistan and is the best spot for discovering the true essence of Tajikistan. The ancient mausoleum is a must see, with its carpeted floors and fine dining. The dushanbeh rug is a unique and priceless Tajik possession, depicting traditional patterns and rich colours. The dushanbeh rug is made from wool obtained from the foothills of the Pamir Mountains and is made into different sizes and thicknesses, usually by hand. The dushanbeh carpet is a symbol of the unity of the Tajik people, a key component of their culture.

Tajikistan is a land of high culture and traditions, with many beautiful monasteries nestled among the white pine trees of the Pamir Mountains. The village life is very slow and simple, the people leading an extremely simple lifestyle, enjoying great leisure time, keeping fit through outdoor sports like hiking and cycling, and rarely indulging in excess. Tajikistan is a great destination for an unforgettable holiday, especially for adventure lovers. If you are looking for a challenging destination, which is full of thick deserts, rocky peaks and diverse landscapes, Tajikistan can provide you with the thrill of a lifetime. Tajikistan is a country of stunning beauty and unexplored secrets, a country of majestic mountains and beautiful monasteries, a country with rich cultural heritage and a rich tradition of art and architecture.