Day Trip to Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Trip to Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Day Trip to Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, is one of the most popular travel destinations for all ages. It is surrounded by high, verdant mountains and is often visited by those who seek adventure and a challenging landscape. However, it is also frequented by families who want to experience some of the best vacation experiences in South America. Families can find plenty of activities to do in Bolivia, from rafting down the famous River Guachin to visiting the ancient capital, or taking a trip up to the Inca citadel, or enjoying a game of golf amidst lush greenery and stunning views.

You could see more than two days in Santa Cruz de la Sierra on your tour to Bolivia. One of the highlights would be to visit the Chinchero Pottery Workshop near Maramba, where authentic pottery is made by local workers. If you’re into nature and you love photography, then you should head over to the Sucre River to get a picture of thousands of flamingos during the night.

One of the highlights of your trip to Bolivia would be the experience of a samba school, which will sing samba songs as you move along. There are many buses that offer tours of this region, and most of them are operated by state-owned bus company called Bolivar. The most reliable and cost-effective bus company to take with kids would be the ‘Bolivar Solano’ – based in Santa Cruz de la Sierra and associated with the famous Bolivar family. Children ride the specially designed buses which have air conditioning, TV screens, and comfortable seats.

Children will also love the trip to Santa Cruz de la Sierra’s waterfalls, where they can splash around in the cool clean water. While here you will need to have some camera equipment to capture the scenes around you. The bus company offers many different routes that will take you all through the major towns and cities of Bolivia, including Santa Cruz de la Victoria and Maramba. You can pick and drop your kids off at their holiday destination of Santa Cruz, which is also about three hours away by car. These buses make frequent stops to allow you to take photos.

You might want to spend your second day in Santa Cruz de la Sierra enjoying the sights. You can see the beautiful Ancash Ruins and the Santa Cruz Zoo. You can also see the beautiful Lake Titicaca and its surrounding areas. You can spend the afternoon visiting the Urubamba indigenous village. You will get an opportunity to meet many local people and they will even give you a guided tour of the surrounding area.

The last day, on the second day in Santa Cruz de la Sierra you will enjoy breakfast, then it is time for lunch. There is the opportunity to go to the traditional place for fishing called ‘Paseo de la Mole’. From here you can enjoy a wide range of fresh seafood. You will return to your ideal honeymoon location after a great trip to Bolivia.