Tips For Planning Your Trip to El Salvador

When thinking about your next trip to Central America or South America, you should keep in mind that you are going to arrive in El Salvador after all. There are many routes that will allow you to travel between the Caribbean and South America and one of the most popular ways is to travel by air. However, air travel is not exactly the best way to get from one point to another, especially when you are not in a particularly populated area. If you want to avoid the long wait times that can be experienced during air travel, you should look into a route that will allow you to travel through Central America without ever having to leave the airport.

Trip to El Salvador

As previously mentioned, Central America is full of stunningly beautiful beaches, volcanoes, and other natural attractions. Two of the most popular destinations include Popoyo and Las Trancas, both of which feature white sandy beaches and surrounding tropical forests. Other popular destinations include Chuy, Popoyo, and Las Aguilar, all of which are volcanic islands off the Pacific coast of Honduras. Chuy features lush rainforest-covered mountains and Chuy’s sister site, Popoyo, has equally beautiful volcanic craters.

For those who enjoy a more hiking-styled trip, then there is no better route than the Isla Mujeres trail, which begins at the south end of Popoyo island. The trail follows the gentle slope of Mt. Antigua, which is the same volcano that inspired Celine Dion’s hit song “When the Saints Go Marching in” (also referred to as “The Spellbounders”), and takes hikers through lush green forests.

While in Central America, it would also be wise to consider a visit to the Popoyo Volcano, which serves as the country’s main attraction. Not only does the volcano offer visitors spectacular views of the Caribbean and its beaches, it is also considered to be one of the most active volcanoes in the world. A number of travel agencies have special packages that include trips to Popoyo but the closer you are to the volcano, the more it would cost to take a trip out. There are also some good alternative activities that do not require traveling to the volcano. These include horseback riding through the lush forests, swimming in the marine park, and exploring the Popoyo Valley, which features beautiful rustic restaurants, souvenir shops, and gift shops.

When planning your trip to El Salvador, it would also be wise to contact your nearest tourist agency to find out what kind of accommodations are available in town. This will ensure that you are well prepared for your visit and can affordably stay at a hotel. There are many options for upscale hotels in San Jose, including the Ritz Carlton, Days Inn, and Hilton, among others. These hotels would include deluxe, mid-level, and luxury suites, which come with beautiful amenities and interiors and would make the perfect holiday stop after visiting Popoyo.

Another fun activity that tourists would be interested in during their trip to El Salvador would include hiking and horseback riding. It is also possible to hire a vehicle and go on an organized tour of the city, which includes a visit to the Blue River Delta. Guayabitos is also a popular place to visit and there are several camping options available. The area is home to numerous nature reserves, so visitors could find a number of different activities to choose from and stay for a night or two.